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UV Reactive Calcite Apophyllite Matrix Crystal Cluster

UV Reactive Calcite Apophyllite Matrix Crystal Cluster

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Natural / Raw Calcite Apophyllite Matrix Crystal Cluster

UV Reactive!!!

Pink Fluorescent!

Origin: Inner Mongolia

Length: 3.79 inches

Weight: 10.6 ounces

•The Calcite family is known for its uplifting and cleansing energies. Focus on Calcite when you want to absorb the positive lessons from your life experiences. It helps you get rid of those energies which no longer serve you.

• White Calcite accesses inner enlightenment and mental growth. Use White Calcite to balance the Crown Chakra.

•Apophyllite is the stone of peace and spirituality. A very useful stone for meditation, as it helps us to clear away sabotaging thoughts. It calms apprehension by overcoming stress, worry and anxiety as it releases suppressed emotions. 

•This crystal radiates beautiful positive vibes!!!!

***NaturalBeeings does not intend for any of the information given to replace any medical advice given by qualified professionals. None of the statements made should be used in place of medical care to treat any condition. These are metaphysical properties which have been gathered from the internet, writings, and books from credible sources.

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