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Shungite Tumbled Crystal Gemstone Chips 5 - 15 mm / Shungite Mineral / Real Shungite / EMF Protection

Shungite Tumbled Crystal Gemstone Chips 5 - 15 mm / Shungite Mineral / Real Shungite / EMF Protection

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Extra Small Size Tumbled and Polished Shungite / Shungite Chips
Origin: Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia. Average Size: 5 - 15 mm
- Priced per ounce

Shungite is a rare black stone made of up to 99 percent carbon. Along with fullerenes, shungite consists of nearly all the minerals on the periodic table. Shungite stone is thought to be at least 2 billion years old.

• Kills Bacteria and Viruses
- Fullerenes, which are found in shungite, are a type of carbon nanostructure (CNS).
CNSs can destroy harmful pathogens. They reportedly work by damaging the cell walls of bacteria and viruses. Additionally, when CNSs interact with microbes, the microbes lose electrons and die.
• Purifies Water
-Since ancient times, shungite has been used to purify water. This is due to its alleged activity against bacteria and viruses.
-A 2018 study states that shungite can filter water by removing contaminants and organic substances like pesticides. A 2017 study also found that carbon from shungite can remove radioactive compounds from water.
•Reduces Oxidative Stress, Inflammation & Eases Physical Ailments
-According to a 2017 animal study, shungite has antioxidant properties, and reduces inflammation. Water infused with Shungite helped ease certain physical ailments as well.
•Shields Against Harmful Electromagnetic Field Emissions (EMF’s)
- I have a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science and I personally tested this theory with an EMF reader, and Shungite completely absorbed any EMF’s within a few inches of it. We tested it next to a Wi-Fi router, cell phone, and laptop computer.
***Protect yourself against the harmful 5G frequencies!

***All crystals are cleansed and charged with loving light energy before shipping

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