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Prophecy Stone / RARE / High Vibrational Stone

Prophecy Stone / RARE / High Vibrational Stone

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Prophecy Stone
(Hematite/Limonite Pseudo after Marcasite)
Origin: White Desert, Egypt

Metaphysical Properties:

Prophecy Stones are potentially the most powerful of all minerals for grounding light energy into the physical body. Holding one during meditation will cause an incredible amount of energy to come down through the crown chakra, filling the entire body and traveling all the way down to the feet of the user.
After some time, the energy can move even deeper, stimulating chakras below the body and anchoring one to the earth itself. This is a common experience with sensitive people that work with this stone, and almost all of those who work with it are amazed by the powerful vibrations that move through them while working with these unique crystals.


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