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Lepidolite Raw Crystal High Quality

Lepidolite Raw Crystal High Quality

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Gorgeous High Quality Lavender Lepidolite Mica Raw Crystal Thick pieces

Origin: Brazil

Shimmery and unique pieces with rainbows embedded in most A must have for every respectable collection. No host matrix rock, just pure lepidolite.

Metaphysical Properties: 

Stone of stress, depression & anxiety relief

Positive coincidence & synchronicity’s 

Positive Vibrations

Lepidiolite contains Lithium, which is used in many anti-anxiety prescription medications due to the minerals’ soothing & calming properties.

***NaturalBeeings does not intend for any of the information given to replace any medical advice given by qualified professionals. None of the statements made should be used in place of medical care to treat any condition. These are metaphysical properties which have been gathered from the internet, writings, and books from credible sources.

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