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Lemurian Transmitter Quartz Crystal Point

Lemurian Transmitter Quartz Crystal Point

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Lemurian Transmitter Quartz Crystal Point
Light & Sound Healer
High Quality
Origin: Colombia
Length: 61.4mm
You will receive this exact crystal

Specific Metaphysical properties vary depending on point shape and crystal structure. The specific point on this Quartz classifies it as a Transmitter Crystal, which has a strong energy that aids you to make a connection with the higher realms, also aiding in the development of mental telepathy. They are powerful to use for meditation as they assist you to make connections with angels, guides, or other beings in these realms more easily.

***NaturalBeeings does not intend for any of the information given to replace any medical advice given by qualified professionals. None of the statements made should be used in place of medical care to treat any condition. These are metaphysical properties which have been gathered from the internet, writings, and books from credible sources.

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