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Flower Agate Tumbled Gemstones

Flower Agate Tumbled Gemstones

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Flower Agate Tumbled & Polished Gemstones

Priced per piece

Average Length: 0.5”-1”

Average Weight: .8 ounces

Flower agate is a variety of agate, newly discovered from Madagascar. Flower agate occurs in several shades of soft pink to cream with saturated color bursts, resembling small flowers, giving it its distinctive name. Flower agate contains within it, all the properties of agate as well as additional strengths and benefits. It is highly technical energy stone, said to correct and balance energies within.

Manifestation Stone

Stone of alignment energetically

Life Path Stone

Stagnation and procrastination removal

Versatile stone

Hidden Talents & Skills 

***NaturalBeeings does not intend for any of the information given to replace any medical advice given by qualified professionals. None of the statements made should be used in place of medical care to treat any condition. These are metaphysical properties which have been gathered from the internet, writings, and books from credible sources.

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