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Botryoidal White Aragonite/ Cave Calcite Raw

Botryoidal White Aragonite/ Cave Calcite Raw

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Botryoidal White Aragonite/ Cave Calcite Raw Natural

Crystal Length: 3.49”

Origin: Potosi Mine of the Santa Eulalia District in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Metaphysical Properties:

White aragonite enhances patience and responsibility, reduces stress and anger, channels energy to constructive ends, and balances emotions. White Aragonite, also known as Cave Calcite Is a stalactite variety of Aragonite crystal that grows similar to the finger-like formations of ocean coral. Interestingly, Aragonite is a calcium carbonate mineral and is the main element in many shells, pearls and corals. For this reason we often refer to this variety of Aragonite as “Crystal Coral”. These exquisite White Aragonite specimen’s are encrusted with hundreds of brilliant, sparkling druzy crystals. Most White Aragonite are UV reactive glowing either green, pink, or blue.

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