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Blue Celestite Rough / Raw / Natural

Blue Celestite Rough / Raw / Natural

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Rough / Raw Blue Celestite

Origin: Madagascar

Average Size: .5”-1.25” inches

Metaphysical Properties:

As a stone of heavenly communication, Celestite is ideal for quickly connecting with angelic presence and for calling in one’s guardian angels. Utilize it to seek Divine guidance, protection or healing, or to communicate with loved ones on the other side to receive their guidance. •Perfect size for jewelry making and wire wrapping. •Perfect supply for anything you can imagine creating, such as gem trees, substrate for air plants, vase filler, essential oil bottle infusions, epoxy resin project, orgonite making and more. When you first start working with Celestite, you will immediately notice how much more vivid your dreams are. Having lucid dreams will allow you to understand the images with more clarity. Everything you see in the dream realm is important and has a special meaning as to why you dreamt it. As you continue to meditate and work with Celestite, you will be able to have more control over your dreams and what happens within them. Place a piece of Celestite next to your bedside so you can better channel its energies.

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