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Arkansas Quartz Extra Small Crystal Points

Arkansas Quartz Extra Small Crystal Points

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Arkansas Quartz Extra Small Crystal Points
•Origin: Mt Ida, Arkansas
•Natural Beeings hand dug these at Twin Creek Mine, Crystal Vista, and Fisher Mountain
•Average Size: 6-25mm (.25”-1”)
•Some points may have chips (most of which are self-healed natural inclusions)

•Perfect size for jewelry making and wire wrapping.
•Perfect supply for anything you can imagine creating, such as gem trees, substrate for air plants, vase filler, essential oil bottle infusions, epoxy resin project, orgonite making and more.

•Arkansas Quartz is well sought after by many people worldwide for its purity and energies.
•Metaphysical Properties for Arkansas Quartz are determined by point shape and crystal structure
•Point shapes you may receive Include:
Generator, Manifestation, Laser Wand, Grounding, Isis, Key, Overcoat, Clusters, Rainbow, Sceptre, Self Healed, Tabular, Temple Heart Dow, Transmitter, Trigger, Trigonic, Twins, Window, Activation, Barnacle, Burr, Candle aka Celestial, Channeling, Crater, Dolphin, Double Terminated, Elestial, Etched, Extra Terminated, Faden, Fairy, Devic, Fenster, Record Keeper, Lemurian
•Arkansas Quartz is said to be tied to Ancient Atlantis and Lemuria and embedded with ancient Akashic Records

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