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Apache Tears Black Obsidian Volcanic Glass Rough / Raw / Natural

Apache Tears Black Obsidian Volcanic Glass Rough / Raw / Natural

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Apache Tears Black Obsidian Rough / Raw /Natural

Large Size: 1.25”-2”

Small Size: .5”-1”

Origin: Arizona

Origination Story:

In the 1870s, a small group of Apache warriors met the American Cavalry in a battle. They were sorely outnumbered, and it became clear that they could not win the battle. Instead of conceding defeat and being captured and murdered, they decided to ride their horses off the side of a mountain to their deaths. According to the story, when the wives and children of these warriors heard this story, their tears turned to stones when they touched the ground where their warriors fell. These stones were left scattered across the desert, where they can now be found. The Apache Tears obsidian stones are, without a doubt, one of the gentlest protective and grounding stones known to man. They not only shield your energy from psychic attacks and energy “vampires” but also keep hostility and conflict at bay.

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